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(verify) ZofzPCB: Copper + Components

FREE License Program for Open-Source-Hardware designers

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The OSH Program:

Let me post your PCB design on the ZofzPCB Gallery Page in exchange for a one-year license.


  1. You qualify yourself as Open Source Hardware Designer
  2. The project is in a format readable by ZofzPCB
  3. It must contain PCB and Components (Gerber+IPC356+BOM or just ODB++ or IPC2581)
  4. As it is OSH, you agree that it can be featured on the ZofzPCB Gallery Page
  5. You are eligible to decide the above point (i.e., do not send me any random project found on the Internet)
  6. It would be great if the project is shared on any of:
  7. I might refuse if the project is a very small one, or a particularly ugly one.

The License:

You will get a one-year premium license. After that, you can repeat the procedure in the next year.

How To:

If you need the trial license prolongation, to work on the componens models - let me know.
Please send me email with attached project and filled points. Click:
Please check if the title is correct - it is my anti-spam filter!
If the template is not automatically copied to the email, please copy the template below.


Title: Request for OSH FREE License
  1. Your Name:
  2. Project Name:
  3. Project Page/Website:
  4. Bare PCB Price (if applies)
  5. Assembled PCB Price (if applies)
Attach: Gerbers+IPC356+BOM + ZofzPCB saved ".camset" file