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(verify) ZofzPCB: Copper + Components


- Rafal Powierski is a sole proprietorship company located in Cologne, Germany.

My target is to provide PCB test software for electronics professionals and enthusiasts.

The ZofzPCB Timeline

I have been fascinated by electronics and especially PCB technology from early childhood.

CRT graphics were the most essential feature of my first owned, self-built Z80 computer. My first big projects were related to generating moving computer images in the PC/XT era, that of course, required building special hardware.

I have moved to the Computer Vision projects for some time. Later, I got back to the GPUs when I saw The Witcher game, running on my friend's powerful Direct3D hardware. Of course, I needed an excuse to buy my own serious Graphic Card.

The Matrix made me very interested in simulations, especially EM simulation. However, later on, I have realized how complicated it is, both marketing and development-wise.

Now, I am developing ZofzPCB in the hope of creating a useful and cool tool.

And BTW, "Zofz" is my nickname.

zofz head zofz with chip-head Old Picuure - Soldering a CPM plug-in ISA Board

Screenshot of ZofzPCB prototype Old Picuure - Soldering a CPM plug-in ISA Board, PC XT in background